Short story about winning

Short story about winning


If you are lucky enough – you can be witnessing a competition broadcasted on one of the radio stations. Imagine, it is all about you making a phone call on the number given during audition. You are asked to make this phone call or text a message and to give some specific information, in our case let it will be your name, for instance. That is all. Dialling a number, giving some information. Oh, maybe not all. You must to wait too. You newer know how long you are about to wait for something, do You? It is always kind of unknown.

Go on then. You are doing something else, anything: your cooking, painting walls, dressing. But on the end of your mind is always this call back you are waiting for, isn’t?

A very radio sounds voice in your box is announcing a competition. You can win 40 000. you don’t want to miss that chance, do you? Well, having done this phone call you wandering at your place doing something else, but still, unconsciously, waiting for possible call back.

Another role is that if you are incredible lucky and phone is ringing finally, you must answer in a specific given before password. Usually it is the name of the current audition. Ble bleb le for example.

You can win some pretty penny, remember. You cant stop to think about it, it is impossible.

One man I know made that kind of phone call and went to play on his computer. After few hours of being very occupied he is hearing a phone ring. Almost immediately he is realising that it can be his chance! He is running to answer the phone, he is loosing his breath excited, he is given at ones a password given before by the radio presenter, he is waiting for the voice announcing his win, and he is listening to nice voice of one of his bank branch worker asking him, if he is able to pay back not long time ago loan taken.

As You see, you can always want to win, but you can `t  be sure of winning, can you?

The end


November 2010-11-30